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Time to Quit (again)

I had a small health issue about a week ago which led to a visit to my doctor, which led to a CAT scan and ultrasound, which was followed up by hearing the standard and expected “smoking is bad for you”. This time, however, the suggestion came with a new twist: the effects of smoking are no longer a “some day” concern; the damage is already apparent and will, of course, only get worse.

Nolene and I had a quick “we should quit smoking” chat between the doctor’s office and the lab where the tests were done. Listening to the review of the test results and hearing several unpleasant phrases in reference to the condition of my lungs was enough to seal the deal: it’s time to quit.

She called our doctor soon after and the prescriptions were available for us to pick-up at our pharmacy the next day. We would both start taking Chantix to help us succeed.

She started taking it this past Tuesday night; I’m taking my first pill this evening. The side effects can be quite severe, so I wanted a bit of separation between the two of us starting the drug. I’ve actually taken it before, several years ago, and found that it helped dramatically with my desire to smoke, but I couldn’t handle the nausea it induced. While I expect the same effect again, this time I will either find some way to counteract it or just deal with it. Being nauseous for several weeks will be unpleasant. Lung cancer would be far worse.

Wish us luck, and our apologies in advance for any strangeness we may exhibit for the next month or so.

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