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14 days in; I can breathe!

I’m not terribly active, but one of our dogs likes to run as fast as she can on her last walk of the evening, and I’m the one being dragged at the other end of the leash at least a couple of nights each week. To be clear, I’m talking down the street and back - less than a hundred yards total - and I would always be completely out of breath for 5-10 minutes after.

Now that I’m a non-smoker, a single lap accelerates my breathing for a minute, maybe two. We’ve started taking two laps. I tried three one night, but the dog gave up half-way through the third. I think my pace left her bored.

I’m going to try roller-blading with her again, but last time we tried this she attacked the roller-blades. While I was in them. Hopefully she’s lost that instinct in the last two years.

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